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Sam and Michael are a lovely couple who created a gorgeous, shabby chic inspired wedding providing plenty of material for their professional photographs. Married in the Secret Garden in the Cottesloe Civic Centre and a Reception at the Ocean Beach Hotel, also in Cottesloe, Sam and Michael had a wonderful bright and fun filled day. There is so much that we have from this wedding, that I am actually going to cut up their day into different posts, covering different aspects of their day.

Sam, a former beautician, ended up doing all the make-up! Truly a unique situation but the results were amazing.  Not only that but among her bridesmaids could also be found her hairdresser, Paige, who created some gorgeous romantic do’s.  Casual and laid back the bridesmaids’ managed to keep the atmosphere calm and fun before the ceremony, providing plenty of bubbly and nosh. Even with having a gorgeous toddler, Alexi, to worry about, Sam was chilled and took the day in her stride.  Wearing a gorgeous gown with the bridesmaid in nude coloured dresses, it was a stunning bridal party to say the least.  A last minute addition of blue nail polish ensured the bride had something blue on, and Sam wore a necklace and earrings set that had been her mother’s on her wedding day, thus covering the something borrowed.

We knew from the moment we met her that Sam would be a gorgeous fun bride, stay stunned for following posts on the rest of her and her groom’s day!


Brides-getting-ready-07 Gorgeous Sam while her hair is being expertly teased

Brides-getting-ready-02 Alexi sleeping…shhhh

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Getting the best out of your wedding photography entails a few, but significant, considerations.


First, you have to choose a good wedding photographer, one that you have a good rapport with and whose style you like and appreciate. This is key to getting photos you like on your wedding day. Once this is done, you are about 70% of the way to getting great pictures of your day. The other 30%, however, is crucial to ensuring you (and your photographer) have a great day resulting in great images. Part of that 30% is simply scheduling enough time and coverage for your day.


1. Ensure enough coverage
I know that in the age of per hour wedding photography this can significantly impinge on a wedding budget but I strongly believe that a wedding day requires more than 3 or 5 hours coverage. At Filip Welna Photography we don’t do packages by the hour, but rather by the event. So if your getting ready at 10:00am in the morning, we will be there clicking away.
On average, we are at an event for about 8 -12 hours. As I have told many couples usually our best pics do not happen during the major formal events, but in the in-between moments.
For us, since candid photography is our primary style, it is essential to be with a couple for more than just during their ceremony or on location shoot.


2. Ensure enough time for the on-location shoot
Many couples will spend thousands on a great photographer and then create a schedule where they have barely 45mins to do their on-location shoot. Even the best photographers cringe at the idea of a 4:00pm ceremony and a 6:00pm reception (particular if travel time is needed). Consider that a ceremony will take 30 mins, congratulations, 20 mins, family photos 15 mins, and that’s 1 hour gone, factor in 20 minutes travel time and suddenly there is only 40mins for photos. If the day runs late (and it often does) that could get even shorter.
I have heard couples say they don’t want to keep the guests waiting, but I have always thought that if there is one day worth keeping people waiting its your wedding day! Honestly, guests are very good at taking care of themselves, give them an extra hour to freshen up or relax and give yourself the gift of time and great memorable pics.

That’s it for this post, Tips for the Bride will be an ongoing series so stayed tuned for more.