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Happy Valentines Day!

To celebrate this fine day we are posting up one stunning couple’s, who were recently married, pre-wedding shoot. So I present Tanya and Marco!

Tanya and Marco’s pre-wedding photos were taken in the picturesque Swan Valley. Their joy and happiness is self evident in the photography, and it was clear they were going to be a joy to work with on their wedding day. Exploring this little corner of the Valley introduced us to a myriad of locations from rolling fields to cute waterfalls. We even managed to get some pics with Tanya’s favourite animal, horses (Okay, their small and in the background but they are there!).
Of course such a natural landscape comes with its own hazards, with our lovely bride-to-be braving some pretty impressive ants, but even these critters couldn’t dampen her smile. It would be a challenge to take a bad photo of these two, and they made our job ridiculously easy!