Why we do what we do


Why we do what we do

I though it was worth telling our readers why we do what we do -what our core belief is and how it drives what we do.

In finite terms, a wedding day is just one 24 hour period that can be spliced down into hours, minutes and seconds. But no one actually remembers their wedding day in these terms, what we do remember is the events that made up that wedding day: the first married kiss, the rings, the first dance and so on and so forth. We also remember the joyous and optimistic feelings that come with a singular event that promises (and delivers for better or for worse) the beginning of a new chapter in our lives.

It is in our memories that our wedding day can and does last forever. Indeed our memories of that one day, that one day that changes our lives in many infinite, large and tiny indescribable ways, can and does effect our everyday lives. For many it can become a safe point, a safe harbour to sail into when the seas of life become rough. Because on that one day, the day we said ‘I do’, we said so much more.

We said we believe that people can dream together, that they can grow together, that they can love till death and beyond. We may, sometimes and probably often, look at the naiveté of that day and laugh or cry but we cannot deny that that was the truth of that day. We grow older and hopefully wiser, but there is a beauty in the innocence of a wedding day that is worth treasuring and keeping safe in our hearts and memories.

Keeping memories safe though can be hard and so we try to keep our memories strong by making keepsakes of all sorts. We keep flowers, we have our rings and finally, when the dress is packed away and the flowers have dried to a dark resemblance of their fresh selves, we have our photos.

And that’s the crux of it, photos are the main currency of our memories. They refresh and recharge our memories, when we share them with others, with loved ones, we create new memories for them to treasure also.

Thats why we all take photos: because we know the power of memory, and while the moment can only last for a finite period of time in terms of the passage of time, in our memories those moments stretch out before us for as long as our lives last. Photos are that little string around our finger that reminds us of those times gone past. We know that a good photo, a great photo, is like a candle to a memory ever burning bright and a bad one is  like a fog over our eyes; shading and dulling our vision of whats past.

Thats why we strive to create beautiful photos. Because we believe that the memory of the day that those photos represent should be glorious and luminescent. We believe that if you have great photos of your day, then your day can sparkle just that little bit brighter when you look back on it.

I could say we take really good photos, and that if you take us on as your wedding photographers we will give you photos that are beautiful and true to your day. It would be the truth, but its not reason enough to hire us. Lots of people take great photos. You should hire us if you believe like we do – that our memories are our most precious assets, that something that precious deserves to be captured in photos that are made with care, quality and respect from the minute they are taken.


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