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Whenever anyone finishes off a big project they usually have a wealth of hard won knowledge. Knowledge that they often wish they had possessed when they started. Planning a wedding is no different. After the bouquet is tossed, the dress stored and the honeymoon…am…mooned (?) every bride has a nice grab bag of tips for the newbs (also known as those-with-the-really-blinding-shiny-bling-that-is-yet-to-need-a-clean).

In times gone by this invaluable knowledge would be lost, or at best shared between a small group of friends and family but in the 21st century we no longer have to let this knowledge dissolve into the ether! we can let the whole world know of our wisdom! And immortalise that wisdom on the internet forever (almost).

Here is one such bride with a few handy ‘hacks’ for the new bride to be. While a couple of tips maybe more suitable for the American market, most of what she says is good for the Aussie bride to 🙂




Alanda & Shane had a beautiful summery wedding, to check out their slide show go to our facebook page  or click the pic below.



We design so many gorgeous albums, so its probably about time we shared some excerpts from our efforts. These are a few pages from Cat and Mike’s Wedding day. Cat’s uncle has some really sweet classic cars which we couldn’t help but use to full effect in the album. The day was truly awesome!

Check out those wings!

Looking wonderful in red.

Our gorgeous couple looking dashing


Cat and Mike were a joy to work with and we thoroughly enjoyed our day with them at the stunning Caversham House.


Just a quick note, this is the pic used in the thank you card for one of our recent weddings! Looking good Jemma and Sam 🙂


Sam and Michael are a lovely couple who created a gorgeous, shabby chic inspired wedding providing plenty of material for their professional photographs. Married in the Secret Garden in the Cottesloe Civic Centre and a Reception at the Ocean Beach Hotel, also in Cottesloe, Sam and Michael had a wonderful bright and fun filled day. There is so much that we have from this wedding, that I am actually going to cut up their day into different posts, covering different aspects of their day.

Sam, a former beautician, ended up doing all the make-up! Truly a unique situation but the results were amazing.  Not only that but among her bridesmaids could also be found her hairdresser, Paige, who created some gorgeous romantic do’s.  Casual and laid back the bridesmaids’ managed to keep the atmosphere calm and fun before the ceremony, providing plenty of bubbly and nosh. Even with having a gorgeous toddler, Alexi, to worry about, Sam was chilled and took the day in her stride.  Wearing a gorgeous gown with the bridesmaid in nude coloured dresses, it was a stunning bridal party to say the least.  A last minute addition of blue nail polish ensured the bride had something blue on, and Sam wore a necklace and earrings set that had been her mother’s on her wedding day, thus covering the something borrowed.

We knew from the moment we met her that Sam would be a gorgeous fun bride, stay stunned for following posts on the rest of her and her groom’s day!


Brides-getting-ready-07 Gorgeous Sam while her hair is being expertly teased

Brides-getting-ready-02 Alexi sleeping…shhhh

And some more

Screenshot 01:11:2013 14:13

Torryn  is another of our lovely brides whose wedding is featured in the Real Wedding section of Perth Bride. Torryn and Mark were married in the Rose and Crown Hotel, in the Swan Valley, Guildford WA. It was a fun and casual affair, but with a bridal couple as stunning as Torryn and Mark the photographs couldn’t help but turn out glamorous (their bridal party was pretty gorgeous too).

The professional bridal photographs are featured in Torryn’s magazine spread.

Perth Bride’s digital edition is free (!) on all platforms so why not check it out here. Not only is it free you can do the following as well:

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Click the pic to go directly to Cari and David’s Real Wedding in Perth Bride. 

Details for Torryn and Mark’s Wedding:

Dress:Tuscany Bridal
Shoes: Georgie’s Bridal Shoes
Hair: Casey Walker
Jewellery: The Glitter Co
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Villains
Suits: Ferrari Formal Wear
Venue: Rose and Crown Hotel
Stationery: Toro Creative
Flowers: Blossoms in Bloom

Torryn and Mark



Perth Bride is the premier advertising magazine for, well, Perth. Not only is it filled with suppliers that are essential for your perfect wedding day, there are also pages of inspiration to give your day that personal touch. Check our advert out in the Photography section, as well as our lovely brides Carrie and Torryn in the ‘Real Wedding’ section. Perth Bride is available in  news agencies everywhere and, a digital version will be coming out shortly.



I though it was worth telling our readers why we do what we do -what our core belief is and how it drives what we do.

In finite terms, a wedding day is just one 24 hour period that can be spliced down into hours, minutes and seconds. But no one actually remembers their wedding day in these terms, what we do remember is the events that made up that wedding day: the first married kiss, the rings, the first dance and so on and so forth. We also remember the joyous and optimistic feelings that come with a singular event that promises (and delivers for better or for worse) the beginning of a new chapter in our lives.

It is in our memories that our wedding day can and does last forever. Indeed our memories of that one day, that one day that changes our lives in many infinite, large and tiny indescribable ways, can and does effect our everyday lives. For many it can become a safe point, a safe harbour to sail into when the seas of life become rough. Because on that one day, the day we said ‘I do’, we said so much more.

We said we believe that people can dream together, that they can grow together, that they can love till death and beyond. We may, sometimes and probably often, look at the naiveté of that day and laugh or cry but we cannot deny that that was the truth of that day. We grow older and hopefully wiser, but there is a beauty in the innocence of a wedding day that is worth treasuring and keeping safe in our hearts and memories.

Keeping memories safe though can be hard and so we try to keep our memories strong by making keepsakes of all sorts. We keep flowers, we have our rings and finally, when the dress is packed away and the flowers have dried to a dark resemblance of their fresh selves, we have our photos.

And that’s the crux of it, photos are the main currency of our memories. They refresh and recharge our memories, when we share them with others, with loved ones, we create new memories for them to treasure also.

Thats why we all take photos: because we know the power of memory, and while the moment can only last for a finite period of time in terms of the passage of time, in our memories those moments stretch out before us for as long as our lives last. Photos are that little string around our finger that reminds us of those times gone past. We know that a good photo, a great photo, is like a candle to a memory ever burning bright and a bad one is  like a fog over our eyes; shading and dulling our vision of whats past.

Thats why we strive to create beautiful photos. Because we believe that the memory of the day that those photos represent should be glorious and luminescent. We believe that if you have great photos of your day, then your day can sparkle just that little bit brighter when you look back on it.

I could say we take really good photos, and that if you take us on as your wedding photographers we will give you photos that are beautiful and true to your day. It would be the truth, but its not reason enough to hire us. Lots of people take great photos. You should hire us if you believe like we do – that our memories are our most precious assets, that something that precious deserves to be captured in photos that are made with care, quality and respect from the minute they are taken.


There isn’t much info on Anne Hathaway’s wedding (let alone images of her pro wedding photography) unfortunately but that wedding dress just has to be blogged about. Anne married her beau in a secret sunset ceremony in September of last year and while most photos I have managed to track down are obvious paparazzi shots (i.e. very grainy!) you can tell that the couple were clearly having the day of their lives.

Married at scenic Big Sur on the Californian coast it was a low key affair with a modest guest list of about 150 people (well, modest for a celebrity) who were serenaded to Jazz trio Americano Social Club. They married surrounded by pine trees in specially erected marquee bathed in sunset light (sunsets are a longer affair in the northern hemisphere, try that in Perth and there will be no light by the time you say ‘i do’!.. grumble, grumble). An Autumnal theme featured throughout the reception with branches and 60,00 dollars worth (gasp and faint!) of flowers.

Now to that dress! Designed by Valentino the dress is dreamily romantic. Layers of chiffon and tulle with the double whammy of long train and cathedral length veil. Covered in intricate lace work and featuring a hand painted train with embroidered satin flowers it features an off-the-shoulder style with a natural waist bodice. It has a slight pink tinge at the bottom but is so subtle you could almost believe its a trick of the light. While Anne kept her accessories to a minimum she did adorn her really short hair (thanks to her role in Les Mis) with a 1920’s style headband. Anne didn’t want to have short hair for her wedding day but I think she found a perfect way to look classically romantic even with pixie lengths. She finished it all off with a simple ivory rose bouquet and the best accessory of all, a huge radiant smile.

Enjoy the pics and hope it give you some inspiration in any wedding planning your doing!

(Pics from Vogue and OK! Magazine)



Filip Welna Photography had the privilege of being the wedding photographers for Cari and Dave. The lovely couple were married in the beautiful Laurance Wines in the stunning Margaret River. With blue skies and the sun shining it would have been difficult not to take some amazing photos of these two. We met the bride during her preparations in stunning accommodation that came with a spa bath so tempting that it had to feature in the wedding pics. Cari’s ruffled dress did an admirable job of doubling as bubbles!

The couple said ‘I do’ within the grounds of Laurance Wines with bowers of roses all around and a lake in the background providing a fairytale picturesque setting. This seemed very appropriate since Cari truly looked like a fairytale bride in a gorgeous dress complete with silver and lace bodice and, of course, tiara (Dave had tears in his eyes when he saw here coming down the isle!).

After the ceremony we took our photography to the extended grounds of the winery allowing for shots around a tuscan inspired house and of course rows and rows of vineyards. Then we quickly dashed to the beach, where an obliging surfer allowed us to use their surfboard as a prop!

The reception was beautiful and even allowed for some more stunning shots of the bride in their doorway replete with chandeliers.

Congratulations to a very much in love couple, may all of your future days be as perfect as your wedding day