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So, like many women, I have a bit of a shoe thing going on. I particularly like vintage or rockabiliy shoes and sometimes even goth. But lets face it, if its cute and pretty I will probably want it (I think I just heard my husband groan).
Recently I stumbled across the quirkiest wedding line of shoes I have ever seen. Irregular Choice (Yep, that’s their name) usually make weird and wonderful shoes; you have to be into Quirky with a capital Q to be able to pull of most of their range but they are fun to look at 🙂 Now IC have a wedding line! Its pretty out there but I felt the need to share it -I would love to see one of these pairs on a bride, just so I could take photos of the little darlings! below are some of my favs but go to
Irregular Choice Wedding Collection to see more.

Unfortunately they are not cheap, prices range between 70 -149 pounds, but if you want original looking shoes these guys are it, from bride and groom heels to light-up sneakers to demure pink lace pumps they probably have something for most of us!