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Not even rain could dampen our lovely couple’s enthusiasm on what was a drizzly 8th of October. Ariana and Chad were married in the Hillary’s boat harbour foreshore and had their recpetion at AQWA.

Their photos were taken on the beach, where all involved were slowly (and later quickly) drenched by the persistent drizzle and rain.

Ariana and Chad proved that even when the weather is less than perfect, you can still have great photos, provided your ready to smile and work through it. A silver lining to this little story is that  the rain cleared in the evening which allowed for some stunning jetty shots (rain does wonders to old wood, making it glossy and beautiful) as you can see below.

Congratulations Ariana and Chad!


Angelica and Brett were wed on the 17th Sept 2011, a (mostly) clear and lovely day. They were first married in their local Kingdom Hall before moving on to have pictures at the Cottesloe Civic Centre and a Reception at Villa Pourzand, Cottesloe. A gorgeous couple who just couldn’t take a wrong photo!


Black and white photography is often referred to as one of the most elegant and refined forms of photography, and with the right image, its easy to see why. When we do black and white its far more then pressing a button in our photo processing programme, we spend time creating the right black and white effect (yes, there is more than one) and then finessing it to the picture itself. Preferring a high dynamic range (so the black and white doesn’t look gray), we like to produce black and white images that play on texture and light.

Below are a few examples from two weddings that came up with some truly beautiful black and white images.

Leanne & Terry

Leanne and Terry were married at the Belvoir Reception Centre in its lush gardens. For their pics we did a slightly warmer toned black and white (almost sepia but not quite) as well as a more traditional look. Black and white is usually very kind to skin-tone, and as we can see here our couple looks flawless. Their eyes look crystal clear, and really connect with the camera. On another note, we enhanced the folds of the bride’s dress to create an almost painter like quality to the black and white.


Michelle & John

Michelle and John were a very different wedding. Married in the gorgeous St. Michael the Archangel Church they had their wedding photos on the streets of Fremantle, which was very fitting considering the bride is an architect. Her dress, with its swirls of satin and tulle, really responded to black and white, with a little help from us. In fact we were so inspired that we even created a monochromatic colour effect just for these photos. Yes there is colour but we have kept it muted to still keep a black and white aesthetic (and we really wanted to show off these pics!).


While black and white is sometimes prone to over use, in the right skilled hands it can be used to produce wonderful, memorable and timeless images.