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Some wonderful pics from Kimberely and Tims Wedding, a beautiful day and a beautiful couple!


Suzie and Matt, married at St. Patrick’s Basilica and Reception at the Red Herring, Fremantle. A Gorgeous Bride groom who had a fantastic and fun wedding.


Breezy, wonderful Geraldton provided the perfect laid back and fun background for this lovely couple’s wedding. Married overlooking the shore and a reception in an olive grove provided us with some gorgeous romantic scenery for their pics!


What does a horse, The Darkness and Pulp Fiction have in common? They were all featured in Mark and Clare’s wedding!
From the moment we met Clare and Mark we knew that their wedding was going to be original, fun and funky. They’re just that awesome. You can expect nothing else when the groom proposed to the bride by writing “Mary me Clare!” on the side of a horse.

The bride, bridesmaid and best woman (hey, there was only room for one ‘best man’ and Mark was him) entered the gorgeous St Hilda’s Chapel in vintage inspired gowns and hair that redefined the term bouffant (Elvira had nothing on the bridesmaid). The couple exited to an acoustic rendition of ‘I believe in a thing called love’ by The Darkness and then started photos on the school grounds, eager to show of their new ‘powerful’ rings (although Captain Planet failed to make an appearance…again, probably because their pure awesomeness was just too intimidating for our green haired hero) before proceeding to the streets of Fremantle. Entering the Moore Street Building for their reception, they began dancing the night away by doing a skilful reenactment of the dance from Pulp Fiction.

It was definitely a blast and we were thrilled to be a part of it!