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For our #TBT post we present Katie and James: A gorgeous couple and a wonderful day!


Hey all!

Whenever anyone finishes off a big project they usually have a wealth of hard won knowledge. Knowledge that they often wish they had possessed when they started. Planning a wedding is no different. After the bouquet is tossed, the dress stored and the honeymoon…am…mooned (?) every bride has a nice grab bag of tips for the newbs (also known as those-with-the-really-blinding-shiny-bling-that-is-yet-to-need-a-clean).

In times gone by this invaluable knowledge would be lost, or at best shared between a small group of friends and family but in the 21st century we no longer have to let this knowledge dissolve into the ether! we can let the whole world know of our wisdom! And immortalise that wisdom on the internet forever (almost).

Here is one such bride with a few handy ‘hacks’ for the new bride to be. While a couple of tips maybe more suitable for the American market, most of what she says is good for the Aussie bride to 🙂



wonder woman

So, anyone who knows me will know that I am a nerd. I own a sonic screwdriver, I have Hermione’s wand,  I have a Captain Kirk T-shirt (original series not reboot), My SMS tone is BB-8 chattering away, I know who the Winchesters are and Benedict Cumberbatch is a demigod (although he can’t say penguin for the life of him). I could go on. Its probably no surprise then, that I love the idea of nerdy engagement (and wedding) rings. Below are my favourites (Although I think the wonder woman ring is perhaps the most fitting -anyone who manages to plan a wedding is clearly in possession of superpowers).

PS. The cake is a lie ! (sorry, I couldn’t resist a Portal reference :-))


Images taken from Mashable and Buzzfeed


Alanda & Shane had a beautiful summery wedding, to check out their slide show go to our facebook page  or click the pic below.