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A couple of nights ago I was re-watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (who isn’t a fan!) when I noticed Fleur’s beautiful and unique wedding dress. While we don’t get that much screen time for it I though it worth bring to any budding brides-to-be, particularly if they don’t want the whole traditional white dress thing. According to the Harry Potter wiki,

“French designer, Jany Temime, said that “Fleur’s dress was made in organza and decorated with a pair of phoenixes that face each other on the bodice and form the silhouette of a heart. I chose the phoenix because, like love, it is eternal.”[1]”

It is a lovely and unique dress and if you watch the movie it has a lovely flow to it as well. Fleur also had a matching head piece in a black lace design which was also quite eye catching.

I have noticed that colour is slowly creeping into wedding dresses, whether as a brightly coloured sash, or a blush tinged dress (very popular in the stores), white is not the only option a bride has these days. If you’re into getting a dress custom made and designed there really are no limits to what you can wear. We love seeing original wedding dresses on our shoots, and, even though the vast majority would be classed as traditional, sometimes a playful addition can really make the dress something special.

If you’re not bold enough to change the colour of your dress, why not just wear some brightly coloured shoes – we have seen red, pink and blue heels on our brides, which were an unexpected but lovely surprise.


Just a quick note, this is the pic used in the thank you card for one of our recent weddings! Looking good Jemma and Sam 🙂



Chelsea and Chris were just married this weekend!

We wish them all the best in the coming years. May they always look back on their wedding day with joy, happiness and, of course, L-O-V-E!

(We will do a proper blog post about their day soon!)