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So, I don’t often mention weddings in TV shows or films, mostly because they’re often pretty generic, cute but nothing to write a blog post about. However the Starz series Outlander is definitely worthy of mention for the stunning wedding dress featured.

For those who have not heard about this show, Outlander, is based on the best selling novels of  Diana Gabaldon and are mostly set in 18th century Scotland (with some crossover to post WWII Scotland/England). Its a romance orientated tale with some supernatural elements thrown in and I highly recommend it if you like romances with some historical sword play thrown in.   Anyway, back to the dress! See pics!

This dress was truly stunning. Embroidered with cascading silver leaves over a silver grey background in the sunlight it positively shone, plus it really is very friendly to making…am… a woman’s assets stand out (hee! hee!)

While it is undoubtedly a 18th century gown there are elements here that I could see in being translated to today’s fashion, particularly the embroidery, the full skirt with overlay, the delicate sleeves and the bardot neckline. Swoon! I just loved it.

For those interested season one of Outlander has wrapped, but  a second season is due next year.