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Tips for the Bride – Autumn, Winter and Cooler Weather


Well, autumn is in full swing and winter is almost upon us and while weddings are less frequent, they have far from stopped. If you are planning a winter or autumn wedding here are some helpful words and tips to make your day as comfortable and enjoyable as ever.

Location and Props

With the increased chance of inclement weather its a good idea to choose a photo location that offers some protection from rain. Usually good locations for this have buildings or verandas that can be utilised to take some great effective and beautiful shots while keeping you dry and giving you some protection from the wind. Ask your photographer for some suggestions, they usually have a few ideas.

Also, get yourself some pretty umbrellas, they can make great props while also being very useful in keeping you dry.


Most wedding dresses are high on the pretty factor and low on the warmth factor. This is great in summer, but not so wonderful in winter or autumn. Its really hard to photograph someone who is freezing and eventually you just have to give up and let everyone seek warmth. One of the pleasures of winter is the ability to have pretty boleros, coats or fur stoles added to your bridal outfit to give you warmth. They look gorgeous and elegant in photos, and really, how many opportunities for a bridal jacket are you going to get? Seize the opportunity if you can!


The days are shorter, and currently the sun is setting at about 5:50. So with early sunsets its worth scheduling your ceremony earlier in the day to allow for enough time for photos. I would recommend around 3:00 at the latest, and preferably closer to 2:00pm. This will allow for time for your on-location shoot without rushing (hopefully). It will also, allow you take up the warmest part of the day before it starts to quickly cool.

Autumn ad winter can be a challenge for a wedding, but with careful planning you can have the wedding you always dreamed of!



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