Lost Rings found again


Lost Rings found again

A few months ago a lost wedding ring was found on the Great Barrier Reef. The story goes that a couple from Britain were honeymooning in Queensland and decided to take a scuba diving trip to Nemo’s home turf. Unfortunately the groom managed to lose his wedding ring and despite valiant efforts by others scuba divers to locate the lost treasure, the ring was nowhere to be found.

The couple returned home thinking it lost forever to the deep, probably to be mistaken by a fish as food ( shiny things look like food to fish, which is why many a fishing lure is made of grandma’s jewellery… Nah, just kidding, but many lures do look like they would make a rocking half of a pair of earrings).

Months later the groom received an email from the company he had dived with that said someone on one of their tours had located the ring and it was being mailed back to him!

Full story here

This story awoke not only the “awwww!” in me but reminded me that my own ring almost became lost just before i got married.

My mother told me that just as she was carrying the ring pillow to the church she noticed that only one ring was on the pillow and all that was left of the other ring was an untied ribbon. She tried calling me to see if it was at home but i had already left for the church ( no mobile phone on me either – I mean do you remember what mobile phones looked like in 2000, they were practically chiseled from limestone rock, no way was it going in my little drawstring clutch). Mum then went back to the car and, after some frantic searching, located the little gold band nestled in the crack between the passenger side chair and car body.

Moral of the story, double tie those little suckers or learn to tie better first knots!

During our time as wedding and bridal photographers, We take lots of professional photographs of various details and, of course, rings feature heavily, so here is a small selection of the shots we take.

The barrier reef story also made me curious to find out about other lost rings that made their way back to their owners. So here is a selection of stories of rings lost and found from around the interwebs.

In the spirit of helping yet another ring makes its way home here are is a link to a lost and found on gumtree, perhaps someone out there knows where this one is!

Bye for now!



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